• Positive Reinforcement

    “Think staff is great and fun. Always giving me positive reinforcement. My self-esteem is improved and feel I have support and have motivated me to do some of the things I have dreamed of. Have made a difference have given me time to work on projects and have helped me to reconnect with family. Have been a happier and more balanced person since working with SDS.”

    Kat Taylor
  • Help Defining and Reaching Goals

    “Has been extremely comfortable and goal orientated and friendly and efficient. Have supported me in working towards my goals. Has given me a sense that there is hope and a chance to change directions and enhance my life quality. I feel I met a group of positive peer-oriented people that have made a difference in my life and have provided me with the things that helped me to define and reach my goals.”

    Alan Scally
  • Opportunity

    “This is a wonderful program and a great opportunity for me. I am forever grateful.”

    Ron Brown
  • Biggest achievement: Feeling of Empowerment.

    “Biggest achievement: Feeling of Empowerment. The program exceeded my expectations. The staff was more than nice and helpful. They were helpful with guidance and suggestions and keeping you on your plan. They were helpful because you knew you could count on them to be there for you. I'd like to add how grateful I am for being a part of this program. For me especially being able to paint again. Who knows how long, if ever, I would have been able to afford all those paint supplies. I can't tell you how important painting is to me to be able to be creative. Thank you.”

    Debra Taylor

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