Our mission is
to walk alongside individuals
in becoming more self-sufficient & to offer hope
through Peer Support.

We provide a future focused, recovery oriented space where peers can connect.

Together, our aim is to create a strong and inclusive community where all can thrive.

“Peer Support changes lives.”

Certified Peer Support Specialists are people who have navigated significant life-altering experiences. This is also referred to as lived experience. These specialists support individuals with struggles pertaining to mental health, psychological trauma or substance use. Aiming to erase a hierarchy commonly experienced in formalized human services, peers instead focus more on creating reciprocal relationships. At Self-Directed Services, we emphasize the differences between helping, fixing, and serving. We believe we can all be of service to each through connecting and sharing honestly where we are at, while also aspiring towards our goals moving forward.

As Peers we are able to draw from some of our most challenging experiences as a source of hope and inspiration to others. By sharing our lived experience, we walk alongside our Peers. We learn and grow through the challenges we face. We break down the barrier of stigma in our communities. We redefine what mental health treatment looks like. We are living examples of hope and recovery. We each share a lived experience of recovery from mental illness. As peers we connect with each other by relating. This helps us to learn and grow through the difficulties and challenges we face. Through this connection we explore options and strategies to creating the kind of life we would like to have, to be well and have community.

Our Programs

Self-Directed Services is a peer run program that works with participants
on their health and wellness goals as a
supplemental service to Traditional Mental Health Services.

There are two programs offered:
a one-year Wellness Program and a two-year Sustainable Housing Program,


1-Year Wellness Program

The 2-Year Sustainable Housing Program

The one year Wellness Program works with participants to create a plan of attainable goals. Each plan is directed by the participant. Working closely with a Resource Broker, participants utilize community resources and services identified by each participant as beneficial to their recovery. This includes access to free or low cost wellness related goods.

The two year Sustainable Housing Program offers participants up to two years of a housing subsidy in addition to their yearly individualized wellness plan. Each person works closely with a Housing Resource Broker to overcome barriers and find affordable housing. Participants often use a portion of their subsidy to set up their new household.